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This is the {{high-risk}} message box. It is meant to be put at the top of the documentation page on the most high-use (high-risk) templates, i.e., for templates used on 100,000 pages or more. For templates used on 2,000–100,000 pages, it is recommended to use the {{high-use}} template instead, which has a softer wording.

Note: It is normal that some of the links in the message box are red.


The template can be used as is. But it can also take some parameters:

  • First parameter is the number of pages. See Wikipedia:Database reports/Templates with the most transclusions to find out how many pages use a given template.
  • Second parameter is the name of some other talk page if you want discussion to be made there instead. But a better option might be to redirect the talkpage of your template to that other talkpage.


{{high-risk| 300,000+ | Wikipedia talk:High-risk templates }}
{{high-risk| 300,000+ }}
{{high-risk| | Wikipedia talk:High-risk templates }}

The full code for a /doc page top can look like this:

{{documentation subpage}}
{{high-risk| 300,000+ }}

Technical details

The /sandbox and /testcases links are the standard names for such subpages. If those pages are created then the green /doc box for the template will detect them and link to them in its heading. For instance see the top of this documentation.

See also

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