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Testons tous du contenu en choeur. blablabla test $$ \sum f(x) = F(x) + g(x)$$  The following tables provide a '''comparison of [[computer algebra system]]s''' (CAS).<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Computer Algebra Software |work=Special Interest Group on Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation |publisher=Association for Computing Machinery |date=11 July 2008 |accessdate=16 November 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Systems and Packages |publisher=Computer Algebra Information Network |date=7 May 1998 |accessdate=17 November 2012}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|title=SAC Systems Listing |url= |publisher=SymbolicNet |accessdate=17 November 2012}}</ref> A CAS is a package comprising a set of algorithms for performing symbolic manipulations on algebraic objects, a language to implement them, and an environment in which to use the language.<ref>{{cite book|last=Aladjev|first=V.Z.|title=Computer algebra systems : a new software toolbox for Maple|year=2004|publisher=Fultus Books|location=[S.l.]|isbn=9781596820005|pages=9}}</ref><ref>{{cite book|last=Labahn|first=K.O. Geddes ; S.R. Czapor ; G.|title=Algorithms for computer algebra|year=1999|publisher=Kluwer|location=Boston|isbn=9780792392590|pages=xv|edition=6. pr.}}</ref> A CAS may include a user interface and graphics capability; and to be effective may require a large library of algorithms, efficient data structures and a fast kernel.<ref>{{cite book|last=Gerhard|first=Joachim von Zur Gathen ; Jürgen|title=Modern computer algebra|year=2003|publisher=Cambridge Univ. Press|location=Cambridge|isbn=9780521826464|pages=4|edition=2.}}</ref>  ==General=={| class="wikitable" style="font-size: smaller; text-align: center; width: auto;" class="wikitable sortable"|-! style="width: 12em" | System! Creator! Development started! First public release! Latest stable release! Cost ([[United States dollar|USD]])! License! Notes|-! [[Axiom (computer algebra system)|Axiom]]| Tim Daly| 1971| 2002| {{dts|2012|05}}| {{free}}| {{free|modified [[BSD licenses|BSD license]]}}| General purpose CAS. The first one with strong typing for mathematical expressions|-! [[CoCoA System|CoCoA]]| The CoCoA Team| 1987| 1995| {{dts|2007}} (4.7.3)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| Specialized CAS for [[commutative algebra]]|-! [[Derive (computer algebra system)|Derive]]| Soft Warehouse| 1979| 1988| {{dts|2007|11}} (6.1)| Discontinued| {{proprietary}}| CAS designed for pocket calculators; it was discontinued in 2007|-! [[Euler (software)|Euler Math Toolbox]]| R. Grothmann| 1987| 1988| {{dts|2011}} (12.3)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| Numerical software linked to [[Maxima (software)|Maxima]]|-! [[Fermat (computer algebra system)|Fermat]]| Robert H. Lewis| 1986| 1993| {{dts|2010}} (3.9.9x)| $60 if grant money available, otherwise $0| {{proprietary}}| Specialized CAS for [[resultant]] computation and [[linear algebra]] with [[polynomial]] entries|-! [[FORM (symbolic manipulation system)|FORM]]| J.A.M. Vermaseren| 1984| 1989| 4.0| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| CAS designed mainly for [[particle physics]] |-! [[GAP computer algebra system|GAP]]| GAP Group| 1986| 1986| {{dts|2013}} (4.6.2)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| Specialized CAS for [[group theory]] and [[combinatorics]]. Subpackage of Sage<ref name=sagepack>[ Sage components]</ref>|-! [[KANT (mathematics)|KANT/KASH]]| KANT Group| ?| ?| KASH3 (2005/2008)| {{free|free for non-commercial use}}| own license| Specialized CAS for [[algebraic number theory]]|-! [[LiveMath]]<br/>(formerly Theorist)| Math Monkeys| ?| 1991| {{dts|2007}} (3.5.9)| $149, $45 student (1 year)| {{proprietary}}| Numerical software for interactive solving and mathematical graphing|-! [[Macaulay2]]| Daniel Grayson and Michael Stillman| 1992| 1994| {{dts|2010}} (1.4)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| Specialized CAS for [[algebraic geometry]] and [[commutative algebra]]|-! [[Macsyma]]| [[MIT Project MAC]] and [[Symbolics]]| 1968| 1978| {{dts|1999}} (2.4)| $500| {{proprietary}}| The oldest general purpose CAS. Was the state of the art during almost 20 years. Still alive as [[Maxima (software)|Maxima]]|-! [[Magma computer algebra system|Magma]]| [[University of Sydney]]| ~1990| 1993| {{dts|2011}} (2.17)| $1,150| {{proprietary}}| General purpose CAS, originally specialized in [[group theory]]. Works with elements of [[algebraic structure]]s rather than with non typed [[expression (mathematics)|mathematical expressions]]|-! [[Maple (software)|Maple]]| Symbolic Computation Group, [[University of Waterloo]]| 1980| 1984| {{dts|2012}} (16)| $2,275 (Commercial), $2,155 (Government), $1245(Academic), $239 (Personal Edition), $99 (Student), $79 (Student, 12-Month term)<ref>{{cite web | url= | title=Maplesoft Web Store | accessdate=2011-10-21}}</ref>| {{proprietary}}| One of the major general purpose CAS|-! [[Mathcad]]| [[Parametric Technology Corporation]]| 1985| 1985| {{dts|2010}} (15)| $1,195<ref>{{cite web | url= | title=Parametric Technology Corporation Web Store | accessdate=2008-06-28}}</ref>| {{proprietary}}| [[Numerical software]] with some CAS capabilities|-! [[Mathematica]]| [[Wolfram Research]]| 1986| 1988| {{dts|2012}} (9.0.0)| $2,495 (Professional), $1095 (Education), $140 (Student), $69.95 (Student annual license) <ref>{{cite web | url= | title=Wolfram Worldwide Web Store | accessdate=2008-11-20}}</ref> $295 (Personal)<ref>[ Mathematica Home Edition Released] Macworld, Feb 2009</ref>| {{proprietary}}| One of the major general purpose CAS|-! [[Mathomatic]]| George Gesslein II| 1986| 1987| {{dts|2012}} (16.0.5)| {{free}}| {{free|[[LGPL]]}}| [[Elementary algebra]], [[calculus]], [[complex number]] and [[polynomial]] manipulations.|-! [[Maxima (software)|Maxima]]| [[MIT Project MAC]] and [[Bill Schelter]] et al.| 1967| 1998| {{dts|2012}} (5.28)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| General purpose CAS. Continuation of [[Macsyma]]. Subpackage of Sage.<ref name=sagepack />|-! [[MuMATH]]| Soft Warehouse| 1970s| 1980| MuMATH-83| Discontinued| {{proprietary}}| Predecessor of [[Derive (computer algebra system)|Derive]]|-! [[MuPAD]]| SciFace Software| 1989| 2008| {{dts|2008}} (5.1)| Discontinued| {{proprietary}}| [[MathWorks]] has incorporated MuPAD technology into Symbolic Math Toolbox|-! [[Axiom (computer algebra system)#Software forks|OpenAxiom]]| Gabriel Dos Reis| 2007| 2007| {{dts|2011}} (1.4.1)| {{free}}| {{free|modified [[BSD licenses|BSD license]]}}| General purpose CAS, the first one to have a strong typing for mathematical objects and expressions|-! [[PARI/GP]]| [[Henri Cohen (number theorist)|Henri Cohen]], Karim Belabas, Bill Allombert et al.| 1985| 1990| {{dts|2012}} (2.5.1)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| Specialized CAS for [[Number theory]]. A major reference in this domain. Subpackage of Sage.<ref name=sagepack />|-! [[Reduce (computer algebra system)|Reduce]]| Anthony C. Hearn| 1960s| 1968| {{dts|2009}}| {{free}}| {{free|modified [[BSD licenses|BSD license]]}}| Historically important general purpose CAS. Still alive, as open-sourced and freed in December 2008|-! [[Sage (mathematics software)|Sage]]| [[William A. Stein]]| 2005| 2005| {{dts|2013}} (5.8)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| Mathematics software system combining a number of existing packages, including [[computer algebra]], [[numerical computation]], [[statistics]] and [[image processing]]|-! [[SINGULAR]]| [[University of Kaiserslautern]]| 1984| 1997| {{dts|2012}} (3.1.5)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| computer algebra system for polynomial computations, with special emphasis on [[commutative algebra|commutative]] and [[non-commutative algebra]], [[algebraic geometry]], and [[singularity theory]].|-! Symbolic [[MATLAB]] Toolbox| [[MathWorks]]| 1989| 2008| {{dts|2011}} (5.7(2011b))| $2900 including required [[MATLAB]]| {{proprietary}}| Provides tools for solving and manipulating symbolic math expressions and performing variable-precision arithmetic.|-! [[SymbolicC++]]| W.-H. Steeb| 1997| 1997| {{dts|2009}} (3.29)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| C++ -based|-! [ Symbolism]| E. Cavazos| 2012| 2013| 2013| {{free}}| {{free|modified [[BSD license]]}}| C# library for automatic simplification of algebraic expressions|-! [[SymPy]]| Ondřej Čertík| 2006| 2007| {{dts|2012}} (0.7.2)| {{free}}| {{free|modified [[BSD license]]}}| Python-based|-! [[TI-Nspire]] CAS (Computer Software)| [[Texas Instruments]]| 2006| 2009||| {{proprietary}}| Successor to Derive. Based on Derive's engine used in TI-89/Voyager 200 and TI-Nspire handheld|-! [[Wolfram Alpha]]| [[Wolfram Research]]| | 2009| 2012| Pro version: $4.99 / month, Pro version for students: $2.99 / month, Regular version free.| {{proprietary}}| Online [[computer algebra system]] with step-by step solutions.|-! [[Xcas]]| Bernard Parisse| 2004| 2008| {{dts|2011}} (0.9.4)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}| Compatible modes for maple, mupad and TI89 syntax. Symbolic spreadsheets, Giac library for use with other programs. ARM ports for some PDAs with Linux or [[WinCE]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Xcas ARM|accessdate=2010-10-12|format=|work=}}</ref>|-! [[Yacas]]| Ayal Pinkus et al.| 1998<ref>{{cite web | url= | title=Big changes ahead for Yacas | accessdate=2011-04-19}}</ref>| ?| {{dts|2012}} (1.3.3)| {{free}}| {{GPL-lic}}||- class="sortbottom"! style="width: 12em"|! Creator! Development started! First public release! Latest stable version! Cost ([[United States dollar|USD]])! License! Notes|} These computer algebra systems are sometimes combined with "front end" programs that provide a nice user interface, such as the general-purpose [[GNU TeXmacs]]. ===Functionality===Below is a summary of significantly developed <i>symbolic</i> functionality in each of the systems. {| class="wikitable" style="font-size: smaller; text-align: center; width: auto;"|-! rowspan="2" | System! rowspan="2" | [[Formula editor]]! rowspan="2" | [[Arbitrary precision]]! colspan="2" | [[Calculus]] ! colspan="5" | [[Solver (computer science)|Solvers]]! rowspan="2" | [[Graph theory]]! rowspan="2" | [[Number theory]]! rowspan="2" | [[Quantifier elimination]]! rowspan="2" | [[Boolean algebra (logic)|Boolean algebra]]! rowspan="2" | [[Tensors]]! rowspan="2" | [[Probability]]! rowspan="2" | [[Control theory]]! rowspan="2" | [[Coding theory]]! rowspan="2" | [[Group theory]]|-|style="text-align: center"| [[Integral|Integration]]|style="text-align: center"| [[Integral transform]]s|style="text-align: center"| [[Equation]]s|style="text-align: center"| [[Inequalities]]|style="text-align: center"| [[Diophantine equation]]s|style="text-align: center"| [[Differential equation]]s|style="text-align: center"| [[Recurrence relation]]s|- ! [[Axiom (computer algebra system)|Axiom]]| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| ?| ?| ?| ?| ?| ?| ?| ?| ?| ?| ?| {{no}}| {{yes}}|- ! [[Magma computer algebra system|Magma]]| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| ?| ?| {{yes}}| {{yes}}|- ! [[Maple (software)|Maple]]| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}|- ! [[Mathcad]]| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}|- ! [[Mathematica]]| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}<ref>[ Symbolic Tensors] Mathematica Documentation</ref>| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}|- ! [[Mathomatic]]| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}|- ! Symbolic [[MATLAB]] toolbox| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| ?| {{no}}| ?| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| ?| {{no}}| {{no}}|- ! [[Maxima (software)|Maxima]]| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| ?| ?| {{no}}| {{yes}}|- ! [[Sage (mathematics software)|Sage]]| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}|- ! [[SymPy]]| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}|-! [[Wolfram Alpha]]| Pro version only| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| ?| ?| {{no}}| {{yes}}|-! [[Yacas]]| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| ?| ?| {{no}}| {{no}}|-! [[Xcas]]| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| ?| ?| {{no}}| ?|} ===Operating system support===The software can run under their respective [[operating system]]s natively without [[emulator|emulation]]. Some systems must be compiled first using an appropriate compiler for the source language and target platform. {| class="wikitable" style="font-size: smaller; text-align: center; width: auto;" class="wikitable sortable"|-! style="width: 12em" | System! [[Microsoft Windows|Windows]]! [[Mac OS X]]! [[Linux]]! [[Berkeley Software Distribution|BSD]]! [[Solaris (operating system)|Solaris]]! Other|-! [[Axiom computer algebra system|Axiom]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{?}}|-! [[CoCoA System|CoCoA]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| [[Tru64 UNIX]], [[HP-UX]], [[IRIX]]|-! [[Derive (computer algebra system)|Derive]]| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{?}}|-! [[Euler (software)|Euler]]| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{?}}|-! [[Fermat (computer algebra system)|Fermat]]| {{No|[[Cygwin]]}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{?}}|-! [[FORM (symbolic manipulation system)|FORM]]| {{No|[[Cygwin]]}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[GAP computer algebra system|GAP]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[KANT (mathematics)|KANT/KASH]]| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{yes}}| {{no}}| {{no}}| {{no}}|-! [[Macaulay2]]| {{No|[[Cygwin]]}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[Magma computer algebra system|Magma]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[Maple (software)|Maple]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{Yes}}| {{No}}|-! [[Mathcad]]| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}|-! [[Mathematica]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}|-! [[Mathomatic]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| Android, and all [[POSIX]] platforms|-! [[Maxima (software)|Maxima]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| All POSIX platforms with [[Common Lisp]]|-! [[MuMATH]]| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{?}}|-! [[MuPAD]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{?}}|-! [[OpenAxiom]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[PARI/GP]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[Reduce (computer algebra system)|Reduce]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[Sage (mathematics software)|Sage]]| {{No}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{Yes}}| [[VMware]] image for MS-Windows users|-! [[SINGULAR]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[SymbolicC++]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! Symbolic [[MATLAB]] toolbox| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[SymPy]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| Any system that supports [[Python (programming language)|Python]]|-! [[TI-Nspire]] (desktop software)| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{No}}| {{?}}|-! [[Xcas]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|-! [[Yacas]]| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{Yes}}| {{?}}|} ==Graphing calculators== Some [[graphing calculator]]s have CAS features. {| class="wikitable sortable" style="font-size: smaller; text-align: center; width: auto;"|-! style="width: 12em" | System! Creator! Development started! First public release! Latest stable version! Cost ([[United States dollar|USD]])! Notes|-! [[Casio graphic calculators#9850 series (9750/9850/9950/9970)|Casio CFX-9970G]]| [[Casio|CASIO Computer Co.]]| {{?}}| 1998||||-! [[Casio graphic calculators#Algebra FX series|Casio Algebra FX 2.0]]| CASIO Computer Co.| {{?}}| 1999||||-! [[Casio ClassPad 330]]<br/>Casio ClassPad Manager| CASIO Computer Co.| {{?}}| 2003| 3.04.5000| $140| ClassPad Manager is an emulator which runs on a PC.|-! [[HP-49 series|HP 49 series]]<br/>[[HP 50g]]| [[Hewlett-Packard]]| {{?}}| 1999| 2.15| $110 and up| Based on [ Erable]. Intended for problems which occur in engineering applications. Source code openly available.|-! [[TI-89]]| [[Texas Instruments]]| {{?}}| 1996| 2.09| No longer in production||-! [[TI-89 Titanium]]| Texas Instruments| {{?}}| 2004| 3.10| $150||-! [[TI-92]]| Texas Instruments| {{?}}| 1995| {{?}}| No longer in production||-! [[TI-92 Plus]]| Texas Instruments| 1997| 1998| 2.09| No longer in production||-! [[TI-Nspire CAS]]| Texas Instruments| 2006| 2008| 3.2.0| $160||-! [[Voyage 200]]| Texas Instruments| 2001| 2002| 3.10| $150||-! [ ZoomMath300]| IQ Joe| {{?}}| ?| 1.03| $60| [[TI-83]] and [[TI-84]] application that adds CAS capabilities. [[Proprietary software|Proprietary]]|} <references group="h" /> ==See also==*[[Mathematical software]]*[[List of information graphics software]]*[[List of numerical analysis software]]*[[List of numerical libraries]]*[[List of statistical packages]]*[[Comparison of numerical analysis software]]*[[Comparison of statistical packages]]*[[Web-based simulation]] ==References=={{Reflist}} ==External links==Lists of computer algebra systems:* {{Dead link|date=February 2012}}* {{dmoz|Science/Math/Software|Math Software}}* [ Alphabetically sorted list compiled by Freed Wiedijk]* [ Combinatorial Software and Databases] (Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire)* [ ORMS] (Oberwolfach References on Mathematical Software) Other:* [ Use Maxima in a web browser] without downloading any software* [ Rosetta Translations: a collection of synonyms for various operations in the computer algebra systems] {{Computer algebra systems}} [[Category:Computer algebra systems| Comparison]][[Category:Mathematics-related lists|Computer algebra systems]][[Category:Comparisons of mathematical software|Computer algebra systems]] [[Fichier:NSPNAV_AccessPoint_leftangled.png|400px|thumb|left|texte descriptif]] halloazaz test Infobox Logiciel héhé test omg {{Infobox Logiciel| nom = GIMP| logo = [[File:The GIMP icon - gnome.svg|64px|Wilber, the GIMP mascot]][[File:Gimp logo.png|Gimp]]| screenshot = [[File:GIMP 2.8 running on Ubuntu 12.04.png|250px]]| legende = GIMP, version 2.8 running on Ubuntu 12.04.| développeur = The GIMP Development Team| sortie = {{Start date and age|1996|1}}| latest preview version = 2.7.5| latest preview date = {{Start date and age|2012|03|14}}| latest release version = 2.8| latest release date = {{Start date and age|2012|05|03}}| langage = [[C (programming language)|C]] and [[GTK+]]| os = [[AmigaOS 4]], [[FreeBSD]], [[Mac OS X]], [[Microsoft Windows]], [[Linux]], [[Solaris (operating system)|Solaris]]| language count = 77| statut = Active| genre = [[Raster graphics editor]]| licence = [[GNU Lesser General Public License|GNU LGPL]] v3+| site = {{URL|}}}}
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