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<includeonly><!-----------------Interwiki Doc page pattern------------------->
<small>''This '{{Tlx|Tlx}}' template documentation is [[w:Wikipedia:Template doc page pattern|transcluded]] for all ''Tlx family templates (Tlx, Tlxc, Tlxw, Tlxb)'' [<span class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:Template:Tlx/doc |action=edit}} edit]</span>].{{#ifeq:{{SITENAME}}|Meta|&nbsp;|[[M:template:{{PAGENAMEE}}|Masterpage]]
{{Documentation subpage}}

<!-- Parent template(s) usage begins: --->

: {{Tlx|Tlx|Template|first parameter|second|third|...|tenth}} → {{Tlx|Template|first parameter|second|third|...|tenth}}
: {{Tlx|Tlx|Template|<nowiki>2=first parameter|3=second|4=third|5=...|11=tenth</nowiki>}} → {{Tlx|Template|2=first parameter|3=second|4=third|5=...|11=tenth}} if they might contain "=" signs.
: {{Tlx|Tlx|Template|&lt;nowiki>first|second|...|999th&lt;/nowiki>}} → {{Tlx|Template|<nowiki>first|second|...|999th</nowiki>}} (for more than 10 parameters)

The three dots in the examples represent a number of arguments that have been omitted and are not an actual argument.

== Purpose and naming ==
[[Wikt:mnemonic|Mnemonically]] ''''T'''emplate '''l'''ink e'''x'''panded'. After <tt>{{tlx|Tl}}</tt> ''''T'''emplate '''l'''ink'.

* This template takes another ''template-name'' and some associated [[Help:Pipe trick|pipe-tricked]] [[m:Parameter#Parameters|(numbered) parameters]] (or 'pass parameters'), and displays them as an 'example demonstration' of how the ''template-name'' template could be coded, literally. Its primary use is in instruction and documentation.
* '''''Specifics:''''' Up to 10 pass parameters (numbered or nowiki-keywords) for the specified template are displayed as 'placeholders', and over 10 parameters can be displayed using a coded vertical-bar (as in "<small>&amp;#124;</small>''...''"). A keyword parameter can be used with equals code &amp;#61; or <nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki> or in nowiki-text: "{{tag|nowiki|content=size=10}}" or all parameters as a string in "{{tag|nowiki|o}}" tags; see ''[[#Examples|Examples]]'' at bottom. For more details, see [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}|this talk]] page.
* '''''Exceptions:''''' If the intended template lists numerous parameters, then perhaps this template should really ''not'' be used, and just hardcode the usage with {{tag|code|o}}{{tag|nowiki|o}}, for example: {{tag|code|content={{tag|nowiki|content=<nowiki>{{Anytemplate|arg1=23|size=250px|</nowiki><var>other parameters...</var><nowiki>}}</nowiki>}}}}. If a vertical display, with parameters on their own lines, is desired, this can also be laid out manually in this manner, or more rapidly done with {{tag|pre}}.


* If given no additional parameters except ''<code>&nbsp;'template&nbsp;name'&nbsp;(<nowiki>{{{1}}}</nowiki>), </code>''&nbsp;it presents the same as the similar {{tl|Tl}} [[Macro (computer science)|macro]] template -- a blue link nested in [[brackets|curly-braces]]-- the same as a user would apply the template without parameters, but with a noticably clearer font and spacing on most modern browsers.

:* {{Tlx|Tl|Tl}} display compared to {{Tlx|Tlx|Tl}}: (Tl: {{Tl|Tl}} versus Tlx: {{Tlx|Tl}})

* Comparatively, {{Tlx|Tl}} will not take or display additional parameters, and for minor technical reasons, may be preferred for mere listing and referencing in long pages involving a lot of template expansions.

* {{tlx|Tlx}} has a named parameter ''subst''. Setting this parameter to any string of length 1 or greater will place the string "subst:" before the template name, linked to [[Help:Substitution]]. This is useful to indicate when a template should be substituted. For example {{tlx|Tlx|Welcome|<nowiki>subst=Y</nowiki>}} will display {{Tlx|Welcome|subst=Y}}.

* Additionally, Tlx will take a 'named' parameter 'SISTER' to link interwiki to other sister projects such as one of these examples: '|SISTER=W:', 'Tlx|SISTER=M:', 'Tlx|SISTER=Q:', 'Tlx|SISTER=S:', allowing documentation or discourse about a template across interwiki boundaries.

== Documentation ==

is a generalization of {{Tl|Tl|x}}, {{Tl|Tlp|x|y}},
etcetera with arguably better readable
output. This depends on the browser, but too narrow
uses of "'''{'''", "'''|'''", "'''}'''" in conjunction
with links can be hard to read.

=== Usage ===

:<tt>{&#123;{{BASEPAGENAME}}{{!}}template name&#125;}</tt>
:<tt>{&#123;{{BASEPAGENAME}}{{!}}template name{{!}}param&#125;}</tt>
:<tt>{&#123;{{BASEPAGENAME}}{{!}}template name{{!}}1{{!}}2{{!}}3{{!}}4{{!}}5{{!}}6{{!}}7{{!}}8{{!}}9{{!}}10&#125;}</tt>
:<tt>{&#123;{{BASEPAGENAME}}{{!}}template name{{!}}1{{!}}2{{!}}3{{!}}4{{!}}5{{!}}6{{!}}7{{!}}8{{!}}9{{!}}10&amp;#124;more&#125;}</tt>
:<tt>{&#123;{{BASEPAGENAME}}{{!}}template name{{!}}param&amp;#61;value&#125;}</tt>
''Up to 10 placeholders for parameters of the specified template''

=== Examples ===
{{#ifeq:{{SITENAME}}|Wikipedia|<!-- Skip message--->|
{{#ifeq:{{SITENAME}}|Meta|<!-- No note needed --->|<!-- Other Sisters Note: --->
;Note: On the source sister projects, en.wikipedia and Meta, '''X0, X1, X2,..., X9 are sandbox templates''' for experimentation on involved templates that need be in template space. An auto-cleansing software facility exists that might be used to duplicate the facility on other Sister projects.

{| border="1" cellpadding="4" class="wikitable"
! Code
! Result
! Remark
|up to 10 parameters, then ...
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;#124;</tt> for more
|colspan=2| {{Tlx|Tlx|convert|<nowiki>&lt;nowiki>14|m|ftin|abbr=out|sp=us&lt;/nowiki></nowiki>}}
|unlimited parameters as one nowiki string
|'''=''' won't work
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;#61;</tt> is okay
|align="right"|<tt><nowiki>{{=}}</nowiki></tt> is okay
|align="right"|sticky nowiki is okay
|{{Tlx|x2| |two}}
|empty won't work
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;#32;</tt> is okay
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;nbsp;</tt> is okay
|{{Tlx|Tlx|x2| &amp;#124; two}}
|{{Tlx|x2| &#124; two}}
|align="right"|<tt>&amp;#124;</tt> is okay
|| {{Tlx|Tlx|x2| {&#123;!&#125;} two}}
|| {{Tlx|x2| {{!}} two}}
|align="right"|{{Tlx|!}} is dubious
|| {{Tlx|Tlx|x2|<nowiki>2=</nowiki>|<nowiki>3=two</nowiki>}}
|| {{Tlx|x2|2=|3=two}}
|empty really doesn't work
|| {{Tlx|Tlx|x2|<nowiki>2=one</nowiki>|two}}
|| {{Tlx|x2|2=one|two}}
|'''two''' clobbers '''2=one'''
|| {{Tlx|Tlx|x2|<nowiki>3=two</nowiki>|<nowiki>2=one</nowiki>}}
|| {{Tlx|x2|3=two|2=one}}
|align="right"|right to left okay

== See also ==
* [[Template:Tlxb]] &ndash; same as {{tl|Tlx}}, but gives the template name in boldface type (this can be useful when stressing the difference between two similarly named templates). [[Template:Tlb]] is the same, except it uses regular text instead of a monospaced non-proportional font.
* [[Template:Temt]], &ndash; same as {{tl|Tlx}}, but handles template names with the Template: prefix and templates not in the [[Wikipedia:Namespace|Template: namespace]] <nowiki>{{ns:10}}</nowiki>.
* [[Template:Para]] &ndash; for giving examples of template parameters and values only, instead of entire templates with parameters.

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